Hometown: BERLIN


(Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Effects, Vocals, Piano, Harmonica, Drum & Loop Machine) MUSIC BY MARIA MARACHOWSKA SEIT 2004






Monsters. Shapes.

Eyes and hands.

Bodies. Thoughts.

Fears and bones.

Simply living new sorrows.

Eternal sorrows.

And the question: “Why?“

Emotions in the shape of decay.

Steamed up windows of lust.

Simply forgotten or darkened.

Why don't they open?

Feeling a fresh breeze inside,

the troubles of the past

left behind.

Being in love again.

Praying, roused by

throbbing emotions.


before the path begins.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2005

Lyrics: Maria Marachowska 2006

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



My hand walked away.

To see. Catch. And look for you.

Dragged through rain and dirt.

Washed by knives and money.

And tender bodies caressed it. 

Asked. Attended. Praid.

Your brain has fermented.

The hands, however, have walked on.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2005

Lyrics: Maria Marachowska 2001

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



Watchman at heaven's gate,

open up the blue gates of day.

Midnight's white angel

has taken my horse from me.

I see it lashing out,

going back and forth, pulling the reins.

The bright, blowing mane gleaming

like the crescent moon.

For God, there is no need of affluence.

My horse bestows power and strenghth upon me.

Neighing as if it were moaning,

it clutches the golden chain.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2006

Lyrics: Sergeij Jessenin, 1918

Translation:  Iris Weirich 2010



What has remained joyful to me, is to put the finger

in the mouth and whistle cheerfully.

I'm preceded by a bad reputation:

that I'm vulgar and scandalous.

Alas, what a ridiculous loss!

In a lifetime there are many ridiculous losses.

I'm embarrassed that I believed in God.

Beg for me that I will believe no more.

Golden, longer distance!

All burned by everyday life.

I was vulgar and scandalous.

For the purpose of glowing more.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2007

Text: Sergeij Jessenin

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010 



Some day, beloved creature,

I will be a memory for you.

There, in your mind, blue-eyed,

so lost and far away.

You forget about the outline of my crooked nose

and the cigarette pointing towards the forehead.

And my constant laughter that's just bluffing,

and one hundred in my worker's hand.

As in a dreadful year, on the peak of hardship,

You – were small and I – was young.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2007

Text: Marina Tsvetaeva, 1919

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010 




I have ceased to smile,
the wind chills my mouth,
this hope is destroyed,
Soon a new song will confess itself. 

Without intention I donate this song 
to scorn and ridicule, to the bad joke, 
since the silence of love 
fills the soul with unbearable grief.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2011 
Lyrics: Anna Akhmatova 1915 
Translation: Iris Weirich 2011


Two loves I have of comfort and despair,
Which like two spirits do suggest me still: 
The better angel is a man right fair,
The worser spirit a woman colour'd ill.
To win me soon to hell, my female evil
Tempteth my better angel from my side,
And would corrupt my saint to be a devil,
Wooing his purity with her foul pride.
And whether that my angel be turn'd fiend
Suspect I may, but not directly tell;
But being both from me, both to each friend,
I guess one angel in another's hell:
Yet this shall I ne'er know, but live in doubt,
Till my bad angel fire my good one out.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2009

Lyrics: William Shakespeare 1609


I'm absorbed by you, my dream.
Orgasm of your extensive tenderness.
And the hands drop floatingly,
when I hear the sound of your breath. 

I open the door, go inside you.
And become calm for an instance.
Look at you, love you, want you.
You are my passion, my school, my pacience.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2006
Lyrics: Maria Marachowska 2004
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010


She is beautiful like midday,
She is more mysterious than midnight.
Tears are strange to her,
Her soul is free from sorrow.

My life is struggle and grief,
It is my fate to suffer for her.
As the eternally crying sea
Is longing for the silent shore.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2010 
Lyrics: Nikolai Minskii 1886
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010


Songs, songs, what do you scream 
and scream again?
Or: Have you nothing left to give?
The fair, the light blue yarn
I learn how to braid it into hair, into time.

I want to be strict, I learn about silence,
learn from the stars how to be silent and good.
Good: as a bush on the wayside, 
as a willow tending the slumbering Russia.

Good: in the moon, in the autumn of September strolling alone trough the grass yellow as the moon, gathering the dry ears of corn along 
the path into the soul's empty lumber bag.

However, it's not the blue of the plains 
that heals me.
Songs, songs, what do you pin on me?
With a gold sparkling broom the evening cleans 
the path and sweeps it smooth for me.

And so delightful above the woods
sounds the call that fades in the wind:
"You, who lives, be gentle, be cold
like the autumn gold of the lime-trees“.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2007 
Lyrics: Sergej Jessenin 1918 
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010


Fleeting pleasures 
don't mean anything to me. 
I live amidst dreamscapes. 
Only the black night's angel comes 
to visit my sleeping place, 
I am paralyzed, 
with terror-stricken eyes I gaze 
into the unfathomable darkness. 

And with unfulfilled desire 
in this drowsy calm, 
a familiar and beloved creature 
bends down to me.   
Deeply concerned, I whisper to him: 
"Get away, nocturnal phantasm!
Night angel, severe angel, 
who watches over my sleep." 

Yet, in his helplessness, 
the pure angel has faded away, 
with trembling wings he covers 
his pale face. 

Music: Maria Marachowska 2010 
Lyrics: Mirra Lokhvitskaja 1886 
Translation: Iris Weirich 2012


Silver way and bright stars,
alas, their easter light
glaring from the far side of heaven,
whither it's calling, I don't know.

Does it warm grief or joy,
does it lead me to madness? 
Please help that the snow of today
brings love into my mind.

Afterglow shall be with me on the sleigh,
the willow already swaying the reins, 
I would like to ask for the grace
to be led to heaven.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2007
Lyrics: Sergej Jessenin 1918
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010


I - am God of a mysterious world. 
The whole world lies in my dreams.
I would never create an idol for me, 
neither on the earth nor in heaven. 

My divine nature
I do not reveal to anyone.
I struggle like a slave, and for freedom 
I call for nighttime peace and darkness.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2010
Lyrics: Fedor Sologub 1896
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



The Iron Mama was lonely,

she lost her family,

she lay in the gutter,

was almost dying.


Her voice was creaking,

the rain tormented her,

washed her with water,

her – whipped by the wind.


At dawn, she woke,

the sun dried her.

Her skin had changed,

rotten old crap.


Oh, poor, poor old Mama,

you lonely one.

Who created you from iron

and gave you such a rotten destiny?


Music: Maria Marachowska 2006

Lyrics: Maria Marachowska, 2001
Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



I descend the stairs and arrive at the pier.

Through the movement of thoughts, the cry of the birds,

the calm of silence breaks.

Along with the stormy play of the waves,

I say “Good-bye“ to the traces and

tears of disappointment.


Through the steps on ungone paths,

I leave space for expectation.


Space of expectation.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2006

Lyrics: Maria Marachowska, 2002

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



The winds do not blow in vain.

The tempest did not occur without a reason.

A mysterious person has watered my eyes

with silent light.


Touched by external tenderness,

I mourned in the blue haze.

About the beautiful, but not the earthly

of the world not unravelled yet.


I am not depressed by the deaf milky way,

not disturbed by the fear of stars.

I used to love the world and eternity.

Like the parents' hearth.


All about them gracious and holy.

Inquietude is bright.

The poppy coloured sunset sparkling

on the lake's glassy surface.


And in the sea of bread, of ears of corn,

a holy image erupting from my tongue.

The heavens are calving,

licking the red calve.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2006

Text: Sergeij Jessenin, 1918

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010



I dreamt that we were flying towards the ether

where we will prevail.


When I go into you, I find myself.

And when I go out of you, I take a

look at the world.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2006

Lyrics: Maria Marachowska 2005

Translation: Iris Weirich 2010


Amid all suns, in dazzling stellar stir,
There is One Star, whose name I keep reciting.
Not that indeed I am in love with Her,
But that with others, I am short of lighting.

And if in falter between false and right,
With Her alone I venture undefeated.
That's not because She's radiating light, 
But that with Her, indeed, no light is needed.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2013
Lyrics: Innokenty Annensky 1909
Translation: Alexander Givental



See you later, friend mine, see you later.
Darling, you are always in my soul.
Destined in the heaven, our break up
Promises reunion down the road.

Bye with not a hand touch, not a farewell,
Don’t lament, quit saddening your eyes, –
In this province, death is nothing rare. Well,
Nor is living any more untried.

Music: Maria Marachowska 2012
Lyrics: Sergej Esennin 1925
English translation: V.Chetin 2011




Life is tricky with enchanting pathos

That is why it is so powerful, and It composes its pernicious letters

With its outrageous, rugged hand.

When  I close my eyes I tacitly declare:

Touch your heart and you will plainly see,

Life is fraudulent,  but  here and there

It embellishes deceit with trickery.

Now look up and  face the  silver  heaven,

Read your fortune by the moon and plead,

Just calm down, mortal man, don"t raven

The eternal truth you do not need.

Well, it"s nice to think in spring so crowned,

That this life has been the righteous way.

Let your easy  girlfriends get around,

Let the boys delude you and betray.

Let  the girls caress me,  I"ll abide it,

Let  the vicious tongues be sharp and thin, -

I have long been living all provided,

I"ve got mercilessly used to everything.

Highness chills my heart. I"m feeling daunted.

And the stars are cold, unlike they used to be.

Those  I used to love are disappointed,

Those I worshiped have forgotten me.

Though I"m  ostracised and censured here,

Yet I keep on smiling, not depressed at all...

Living in this world, so near and dear,

I am grateful to my life for all.


Music: Maria Marachowska 2013

Lyrics: Sergej Jessenin 1925

Translation: Alik Vagapov